Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Do you know how much you are already loved? We LOVE you!

This weekend we took you some fun places!

We went to the Auburn A-Day Game to cheer on the Auburn Tigers. We can’t wait for you to wear cute orange and blue outfits!



Here we [...]

Catching up…

I sat down and started to write an update the other day, and it seemed like so much to write and so long since I had blogged that I couldn’t organize my thoughts. So for my very overdue writing has turned in to a list in order to catch up and move on (because [...]

The One About the House Offer

We have had a bit of excitement around the Abbott household the last few days.  You probably already know that we have been looking around at houses for the last few months, and we settled on the fact that we want a house in Helena.  So on Friday of last week…. We put an offer [...]

Ready for the Weekend!

I can’t believe it’s Friday! Wow, this (short) week has flown by fast.  The three-day weekend really shortened the work week….except for the fact that we went back to our normal work schedule for the fall, which means we stay open until five.  Not really excited about that, but trying to think positive thoughts about [...]

3 Day Weekend Update

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love 3 day weekends! And this one was full of family, friends, food and lots of fun! The weekend officially started on Friday when our boss let us leave work at 1:00, who-hoo!!  I went to Mom’s shop for a little bit to see her and [...]