DIY Artwork

I have no artistic ability.

That’s what I’ve always told myself….and it’s really pretty true.  (Just ask my sister about the “Painted by U” Pencil cup adventure….not pretty.)

But I have really wanted some artwork for my walls, and because everything I like it so expensive, I have wanted to try to create my own.  And when The Nester said “Go Make Your Own Art” I figured I should give it a try.  I mean what would be the harm, right?  If I messed it up I could just burn it so no one would ever see and save myself the embarrassment  toss it, right?

I was inspired by this image:

air we inspire 

So I bought a two-pack of canvases at Hobby Lobby and a set of 6 paints and gathered up all my courage.

I simply enlarged sections of the image where the birds were and printed them out.  Then I cut out the birds and laid them out on my canvas to trace.

Then I took a deep breath and started painting:

I didn’t want the colors to be Kindergarten primary colors – so I tried mixing them to make them darker, but it didn’t really work at first:

ICK!! At this point I was convinced that this was NOT going to work out the way I wanted, and I would be leaning towards the trash it option.

But I persevered, thinking that I would just keep trying, since I already didn’t like it.

When I made the gray for the border it took a LONG time to mix the colors together to get the shade I wanted, so I figured I just hadn’t tried hard enough on the other colors.  I had plenty of that gray so I started mixing it with the other colors, and IT WORKED!  So I went back over each of the birds in the new, darker shades.

They went from these colors:

To these:

And the end result:

I am not only NOT embarrassed, I’m pretty proud of myself.  Are they perfect? No.  But they are good enough to go on the wall, so I’m happy.

The moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to try.  And seriously, if I can trace and paint something, certainly ANYONE can :-)

Have you tackled a DIY Project recently that you are proud of?  Or that you were terrified to try??

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